Toronto Trivia League

2016 Survey Summary

Thank you for participating in our league's first ever survey. 40 people completed the survey, which is great! Here's a concise view of what you said:

  1. Round Topics
    More Arts & Lit, Business & Economics, Food & Drink, Geography, History, Science, Technology & Nature rounds. 8 people said they would write rounds frequently, and an amazing 23 said they would write rounds occasionally. Please let Al know what sort of rounds you'd like to write so we can build an inventory of rounds on topics you'd like to see more often.
    Less Pop Culture.

  2. Setting - Time Periods
    Somewhat more focus on the 20th & 21st centuries and less Ancient-Renaissance.

  3. Setting - Culture & Place
    Somewhat more Canadian content and more International content.

  4. Regular Rounds - Audio, Current Events, Miscellaneous The split between weekly and less often/nevermore was ~80/20.

  5. Format
    You like the 2 points, 1 point, steal and three 11-week season format but showed interest in Jeopardy-style, team-based, Trivial Pursuit, and mini-game pub crawls. 45% of you would like off-season events.

  6. Question Styles
    You'd like to see multiple choice, wordplay, and rounds where almost everyone gets 2 points less often.

  7. Bars
    We had unflattering feedback about Stratengers from some people, but the teams based there don't want to move. Some people said Betty's was 'too far', but at least one team based there doesn't want to move because they all live in the west end. Non-specific feedback was provided by some about Salty Dog, except that we need a second team there.

  8. Magic Wand
    Nine people suggested that the issues with the CD players be addressed by replacing them or using different technology.

  • Two people mentioned pre-paying for the season and one of those mentioned offering a discount for doing so.
  • Two people mentioned speeding up the game and another mentioned starting earlier.
  • Two people, possibly QMs, mentioned better recognition of QMs' performance/role.
  • One person in the survey response and a couple more unofficially mentioned the website could use some rejuvenation and this could help attract new players.
  • One-off suggestions ranged from 2 divisions with a final between the division winners to holding a 'no pants' night.