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SAMPLE QUESTIONS                         

Planes, trains & automobiles

1.  The original Orient Express started service on October 4, 1883.  What two cities marked the      starting and ending points of the journey?

2.  There is no doubt that the Shinkansen has revolutionized commuter travel in many countries since the 1960s.  What does the term "Shinkansen" refer to?

3.  Despite its name, this fighter used by the French Air Force since the 1950s can be seen in all locales, not just in the desert.

Famous Doctors

4.  This doctor's diet is currently "the flavour of the month."

5.  This doctor, who wrote books with titles like "HELL'S ANGELS" and "THE GREAT SHARK HUNT" doesn't prescribe drugs, he takes them!

6.  This TV favourite is now known mainly by his first name.

Movies - Definitive Roles. Name the actor who played these characters:

7.  Benjamin Braddock

8.  Tom Joad

9.  Clark Griswald

10. Elwood P. Dowd                                [ANSWERS]


The Dundurn Group is an official sponsor of the Toronto Trivia League.

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This league was created in 1992 by Peter Mathieson.    In the summer of 2005, he resigned and the league is now managed by Alex McDonald. 

Most of this website was written by and will refer to Peter. 

For a Summary of the 2016 Survey Results  -  Click Survey Summary.htm


New Fall Season started Sept 11th

New players/teams - welcome