TTL Schedule

Mar. 19, 2018 Mar. 26, 2018
Week 10 Week 11

Team Index

Bet1 and 2 are Betty's
Feth1 and 2 are Feathers
GabD1 and 2 are Gabby's Danforth
GabK1 and 2 are Gabby's Kingston
SDog1 and SDog2 are Salty Dog
Str1 and Str2 are Stratengers

New teams (of 5) are most welcome,
as are new pubs.

There are also openings for
individual players.

We currently have 12 teams and need
an even number to avoid teams having
a bye week. Therefore we can use new
players but the priority is to fill any
vacant player positions before adding
new teams.

Please contact us at: