hard to find people who want to do it. I pay them ten dollars a match, which covers their beer and parking, so it becomes a free evening for them. The alternative to regular Quizmasters, although not nearly as good, is to have the home team for a match supply a Quizmaster for the night, as well as their five players. Apart from the difficulty of maintaining impartiality, the league is better off with "professional" Quizmasters who are known and trusted by both teams.

Keeping It Together

Next, you need to set up the night's package for each match. This consists of the following:

*  1 set questions/answers

*  3 score sheets

*  1 audio tape (if using)

*  2 recap sheets with league standings.

I put this all together in a large reusable plastic envelope, clearly marked "Trivia League." That way the pub knows what it is, and the Quizmaster doesn't have any trouble picking it up before game time. Let's look at how you go about preparing each of these items for the game each week.

Set-up of Questions & Answers

I'll talk a lot more later about question preparation (Giving Good Trivia), so let's assume for now that it's done. Next, the questions need to be typed clearly (use at least 14-point type on a word processor), so that the Quizmaster can read them easily in the heat of battle. Put the answer on the next line, all in capital letters, again so that the Quizmaster can easily distinguish between question and answer, and won't read them out together. A good Quizmaster will arrive a few minutes early, and read through the questions, to make sure of any difficult pronunciations, or spot any typographical errors in the questions (or even wrong answers!). Put each round on a separate sheet, with the round number and any instructions to the players or the Quizmaster at the top. A typical question sheet might start like this:

Round 2: The Strippers

We all read those comic strips in the newspapers every day, but do you know who draws them? Name the artist responsible for each of the following strips:

1. The Far Side


2. Dilbert


3. Garfield


And so on. Staple the ten question sheets together in order to make a neat package of ten rounds.

A League of Your Own (part 2)

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