What Makes the Toronto Trivia League Different?

ANSWERS to questions on home page:

 1. Paris & Istanbul

 2. Japanese bullet train

 3. Mirage

 4. Atkins

 5. Hunter S. Thompson

 6. Dr. Phil

 7. Dustin Hoffman

 8. Henry Fonda

 9. Chevy Chase

10. Jimmy Stewart

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* Protests are answered, and can affect the outcome
    of a game
* We pay our QMs $12 per night
* We provide a boombox in every participating bar

* Every round is a bonus round

* Questions are calibrated so that the best players get
   7 or more correct each night

* Players each pay $7 per night, regardless of how many

   people  show up - the team is not required to make up a


* If we use a round you create, we pay $12

* Everyone is invited to participate in the banquet

* The Banquet features good food

* QMs drink on Leagues tab at the Banquet

*  Results are posted on website usually within 24 hours

         (Rates were adjusted in 2010)