Joining the TTL

Single players

Many teams need an extra player or substitute. The only problem is in finding a needy team within your preferences. Best to just email and ask about availabilities.

Forming a Team

Teams consist of five players (and hopefully a sixth as a sub). It is preferred that each pub has two teams, thus allowing one to always be at home, but that is not a necessity. Therefore, a full complement is two teams and an eleventh participant who serves as questioneer and referee who we call the Quizmaster (QM). Since we move around from pub to pub, players get a tour of the area.


The ideal pub is within a reasonable distance from all the member's locations. We currently operate from Yonge Street to Victoria Park and from the Danforth South, including the popular Beach/Beaches district. If two teams operate out of one location, then there is always one team at home, otherwise the pub might be dark (i.e. team is on the road). The host pub usually supplies a complimentary snack tray to the teams at half time. The best pubs have a quiet area where we can actually hear ourselves think when asking/answering questions. Some sports geared pubs are too noisy, especially when Monday night football is on.

So form a group and email us,
or just email us with your questions at: