Half-time Break

After the fifth round, about an hour into the game, we usually take a break. Players want to stretch, phone the babysitter, visit the facilities, and so on. Our host pubs provide munchies at this point.

Second Half

After the break, the questioning order reverses (don't ask me why, but players seem to think it evens out the questions and makes it all fairer). In other words, the first question of Round Six will go to the fifth player on Team 2, the next to the fifth player on Team 1, and so on. Thus the very last question of the match will go to the first player on Team 1.

The Final Round (Miscellaneous)

Our last round is headed Miscellaneous, and it works a little differently from other rounds. In our league, there are five categories in this round, with two questions in each. The Quizmaster announces the categories before the round starts. Players get to pick their category as their turn comes up, as long as there are questions remaining in it; the last player to go, of course, has no choice but to take the last question remaining.

In our league, the Miscellaneous round is played and scored like all the rest of the game: we allow the full sixty seconds, the team may help after an incorrect individual answer, and then the opposing team has five seconds to steal a point.


The Quizmaster keeps a running score, round by round, and announces the winner at the end of the game. The Quizmaster also fills out the very bottom row of the scoresheet, which is kept for the number of "deuces," or two-point answers, that each player gets. This is a statistic we keep throughout the league, and which players find very interesting.

Team Communication

Team members, other than the one actually being asked the question, can communicate with each other to determine a team answer. Writing is best, both to prevent your answering team-mate from overhearing and being confused by your suggestion, and to avoid being overheard by the other team and giving them an easy steal. It's useful to have a supply of scrap paper for this.


The Basic Rules of Play (part 2)

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